The Full Story

This is a blog for everyone who thinks the current narrative about Canada’s Indian Residential School system is incomplete, misleading and, in some cases, totally in error. It’s also for those who have information and views of their own about the IRS system.  Courtesy and respect are strongly encouraged.

Disclosure:  I am the son of the Rev. J.E. (Ted) DeWolf, an Anglican minister from Nova Scotia, who in January of 1953, took his young family to the Blood (Kainai) Reserve in southern Alberta, there to serve the Bloods for 10 years as Principal of St. Paul’s Indian Residential School.  I attended classes at St. Paul’s for six years and, beginning with Grade 8, took the bus into nearby Cardston with the Kainai kids to complete my secondary education in the public (provincial) system.  Having pursued post-secondary education in Nova Scotia, I became a teacher and literacy coach in the Halifax system (as well as spending six years teaching English in Singapore) and am now retired, occupying myself with volunteering and putting together a book that brings together memories of my childhood on the Reserve, facts about the residential school system, and important issues facing indigenous Canadians, both in the past and in the present.

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