Here are some facts about the IRS system

  • There were residential schools for indigenous children, established and operated by Christian denominations, long before the Canadian federal system was established in ….
  • The motivation behind the creation of the Indian residential school system — a network of schools primarily funded by Ottawa and administered by “the churches” — appears to have been a mixture of Victorian benevolence (as many Aboriginal children were living in conditions of deprivation and ill health), practical considerations (how to provide education to native children living in small, remote communities), and a belief that assimilation of indigenous people into the general population was the best way to (a) help them survive and even thrive, and (b) reduce the drain on federal coffers that financial support for Aboriginal communities represented.  (Public statements and correspondence from Indian Affairs officials reveal a belief that removing native children from their home communities (and culture) and giving them a form of the education that non-Aboriginal children received would eventually transform the native population into Canadians “like the rest of us” and thus eliminate the need for an Indian Affairs Department.)
  • The phrase “kill the Indian in the child”, a term often used to describe the motivation behind the Canadian residential schools, was in fact uttered by an American general, …, who
  • The creation of residential schools in the United States was a strong influence in the decision to create a similar system in Canada.
  • The first of the schools to be included in the IRS system was …

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